Courses that will take you on a personal journey that integrates ancient mindful techniques with the development of your intuition using your senses.

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Courses suitable for anyone at any level, including intuitives, creatives and those wanting clarity and peace in their busy lives.

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Tracey Gillan psychic medium, offers courses  designed to develop and integrate your intuition with mindfulness using ancient practices that explore the awareness and consciousness of your senses.

The practices we teach you are powerful and transformative and therefore require discipline and dedication to receive maximum benefit.

The path of Self Realisation is a personal journey of discovering our purpose, who we are and why we’re here.


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Mindful Intuitives

Unfold your psychic intuition through the ancient mindful practices and exercises. Learn the tools of the trade.

Mindful Creatives

Tap in to your creativity through mindfulness practices and learn to activate and grow your innate creative flow.

Mindful Lives

Learn mindful techniques that will expand your intuition and create a space between your thoughts, allowing more clarity and peace.


would you rather meditation or mindfulness
would you rather meditation or mindfulness

This meditation seems simple but, following the sensations in your body can sustain your practice for a very long time. Because each time you do this meditation, you go deeper and deeper into the levels and layers for subtle energy movement in your body. And each time you do this meditation you'll have a different experience being present with your body. It's important to understand and sense your own energy before you begin to blend your energy with others, especially if you intend to proceed with psychic and mediumship development.